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Virtual Flyers

Blastly virtual flyers are location-based push notifications with your content.


A Bluetooth beacon emitting bluetooth signal

A Bluetooth beacon can distribute flyers with a range of 50 meters.



A Nearby push notification on an android smartphone A Blastly digital flyer opened on a smartphone

A notification will appear on a device that is nearby.

A user opens your personalized message.

You can also redirect the user directly to a link.

We utilize Google Nearby Notifications to deliver the content.


Super ez.

Select locations. Where to distribute your flyers.

Design a flyer. Add text and select a background.

Select dates. The length of your campaign.


How do virtual flyers work?

The virtual flyers you create are distributed to smartphones in range of Blastly's network of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. The flyers are received by mobile devices using the Google Physical Web or Nearby Notifications.

What are Bluetooth Beacons?

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are devices about the size of a small egg. They emit bluetooth signals which can be detected by nearby devices.

Blastly utilizes beacons that support Google Eddystone specification, which allows us to send notifications and URLs to nearby devices directly.

Android supported, what about iPhone?

Android devices receive the Nearby Notifications natively, i.e. no additional software is needed. iPhones can also receive Blastly flyers but they require Google Chrome to be installed.

No 3rd party software how is this possible?

Android OS has been updated to support Google Nearby Notifications. Nearby Notifications allow Android phones to surface location-specific notifications for apps and websites, directly from Bluetooth beacons.

Will everyone within 50m see the digital flyer?

The digital flyer will be seen by those who have Bluetooth and GPS enabled.

Do I need to buy beacons to use Blastly?

The areas in which you wish to push flyers needs to have beacons installed. Blastly will configure and install beacons for you.

How extensive is Blastly's network of bluetooth beacons?

Just check the map. We currently have have bluetooth beacons installed in certain certain high traffic areas in Helsinki and Espoo, some random ones in the USA and somewhere else.

What can virtual flyers be used for?

A Blastly digital flyer is essentially a website that is pushed through Bluetooth beacons. It can contain any content from plain text to images and videos. Blastly provides templates, hosting and analytics for them.

What kind of data can I get from this?

We can provide detailed analytics for your: click count, conversion rate, CTR, audience demographics and more. Basically all we can get from Google Analytics.